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Sliding Doors & Windows

Sliding Doors and Windows

Space saving with a touch of class
Hinged Doors & Windows

Hinged Doors and Windows

Compact yet Elegant
Folding & Stacking Doors

Folding & Stacking Doors

Creating those open spaces

standard colours

White, Natural, Bronze, Charcoal


All our doors and windows are extruded from aluminium and supplied within the SANS613 / SANS10317 and SANS10400. The glazing options include Laminated safety glass, Toughened safety glass, Double glazing sealed safety glass and Low-E glass for energy efficiency all within AAAMSA regulations.

custom designs

Custom designs and configuration are available on request


  • Traditional style and strength are two of the core benefits of aluminium framed doors and windows.
  • Suited to our harsh South African climate (strength and corrosion resistance).
  • All internal components are made from stainless steel, brass and aluminium.
  • All aluminium frames we produce are manufactured within South Africa with an AAAMSA rating.
  • Frames are anodized and powder coated to the selected colour (Standard Colours: White, Natural, Bronze, Charcoal).
  • Certified safety glass is fitted to the frames which can have different types of glazing including toughened glass and decorated glass.
  • Ideally suited where heavy use is expected.
  • Larger or taller leaves of glass can be safely accommodated.
  • Aluminium framing allows for double-glazing.
  • Windows can be top, side or bottom hung and can slide either vertically or horizontally.