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Semi-frameless Showers

Semi-Frameless shower enclosures A price-competitive solution without compromising on the look and feel

Semi-Frameless applications consist of sectional or partial sections of the shower enclosure supported through aluminium profiles. Each panel is uniquely engineered and manufactured to fit precisely. Precision manufacturing ensures fine tolerances and a final product of excellence. Semi-frameless glass panels and doors are manufactured from 6-8mm TSG (Toughened Safety Glass) under regulations stipulated by SAGA and AAAMSA.


Semi-frameless shower enclosures and doors consist of a sectional or partial aluminium profiled support structure. Glass panels and doors are manufactured from 6-8mm TSG. Semi-frameless applications are available in a variety of finishes and styles. Premium quality hardware complements the unique and stylish finish. 

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  • Comprehensive 1-year guarantee
  • Independently managed warranty fund
  • Anti-fungal silicone
  • Poly-carbonate door seals 
  • Superior quality hinges and brackets
  • Variety of styles and finishes
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